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About The Singer

A Creative Presence

Kellie-Anne is a New Jersey-based, Canadian singer-songwriter born in 2003. She has been performing and pursuing music since the age of 9, and began writing at 13 years old. Kellie-Anne was on Canada's rendition of The Voice Kids in 2016 and released her first single in 2017. She lived in Dubai, UAE for 9 years where she performed at several music festivals. Since then, Kellie-Anne has been writing, producing and releasing new music, directing her music videos, and performing around NYC and New Jersey. Her song ''Legacy'' got the attention of the ALS Association since the song aims to raise awareness on ALS disease. She got published in multiple blogs, podcasts and magazines where she's recognized for her emotional soul-pop and inspiring ballads along with her very deep voice. She is now signed to M2P records and continuing to release new music. Her latest video for new song "My Own Solution" is now out on Kellie-Anne's Vevo page! 

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