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My ''Legacy'' story

Updated: Feb 22, 2021


More than 50,000 fans have engaged with Kellie-Anne’s initiative

New York City, NY: Today, Kellie-Anne inspires thousands of people to learn more about the ALS disease and donate for research. The young artist, who was on the Voice Kids (La Voix Junior) in 2016 in Montreal Canada, was inspired by Johns’ story, a family friend. “John was a perfectly healthy man when he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2016. It’s heartbreaking to see this incurable condition slowly robbing you the ability to perform even the simplest task’’, says Kellie-Anne.

At just 17, Kellie-Anne’s music is poignant and wise beyond her years. The soul-pop writer recently moved to NYC, having first lived in Dubai and Quebec City. She has released singles written to empower the victims of bullying, encourage those to pursue their lifelong dreams, and end violence in the world. She performed in venues ranging from international music festivals to legendary Soho clubs like the Bitter End, she earned a top 5 chart placement on Reverbnation in her region, more than 70,000 followers on social media, over 150k streams on Spotify and was featured in several highly renowned blogs, magazines and radios. The time was right to release her strongest offering yet, ‘’LEGACY’’.

‘’LEGACY’’ is a slowly building “tour de force” riding on Kellie-Anne’s moving vocals and emotive piano melodies. ‘’LEGACY’’ focuses on the will to live, and to leave an imprint on others before one’s time is up. Her searing vocals help stake a claim in the fierce fight to live despite unimaginable circumstances. The music video is true to the song as the actors portray realistically well what family members have to endure each day to get by. Directed by Kellie-Anne, the video also features John sharing his thoughts on the track which helps drive the song’s emotional connections. Kellie-Anne mentioned: ‘’I hope that awareness can be raised about ALS. I would like more people to understand the illness and all that it entails. If the music video and song can do that, then my goal will have been achieved. I also hope to raise money for research purposed, in hopes of finding a cure’’. Kellie-Anne encourages you to donate to the ALS association to support the patients and caregivers at

Find ‘’LEGACY’’ video here:

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